Kesha Almost Died – Hollywood Skinny Obsession

Pebe Sebert, Ke$ha’s mom, claims her daughter was dying to be skinny- literally.  We knew Ke$ha was in a medical facility for her eating disorder, but we thought it was just her saggy booty keeping her down.

‘[The doctors] told me her blood pressure and sodium were so low they’d never seen that, except with someone who’d had a heart attack or stroke,’ Ke$ha’s mom said in an interview with People. ‘They said it was a miracle she hadn’t dropped dead onstage.’

Hollyweird is a beast.  You can’t handle the competition.  Prom queens, and cheer captains, often run back to their hometowns thirsty for acceptance.  ‘I’ve watched my beautiful, self-confident, brilliant daughter be berated and ridiculed for her looks and weight – to the point that she almost died,’ Pebe said.

Early in her  baby’s career, Pebe claims David Sonnenburg screamed during a conference call with Ke$ha:

‘You need to lose weight! I don’t care what you do, take drugs, not eat, stick your finger down your throat.’   A big time producer, Dr. Luke, supposedly said Ke$ha was built like a refrigerator.  Was he lying?

Ke$ha explained her pain to TMZ, ‘I’m a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I’ve found it hard to practice.  I’ll be unavailable for the next 30 days, seeking treatment for my eating disorder… to learn to love myself again, exactly as I am.’

Listen Ke$ha, we totally get your crusade, but Hollyweird will never accept you weighing more than 100 pounds.  Ask Jessica Simpson, and Nicole Richie, they’ve been around awhile.