Key And Peele Doing Police Academy Reboot

Key & Peele are truly examples of hard work paying off.  Sure they’re talented, and funny looking.  Everyone is flattered by their determination to pierce through Hollyweird.  You are never too old to follow your dreams.  Key& Peele did like Bieber, and took the Youtube bus to fame.  Kanye West said, “At least grab a camera, shoot a viral.”


For instance, there’s the Police Academy reboot they’re producing. “We were brought on to take the creative lead with it,” Peele tells us. “We got two of our friends, Ike Barinholtz and Dave Stassen [both of The Mindy Project]—brilliant, funny men. They’re going to be penning the script.”

At this point, Key and Peele aren’t sure if they’ll be in it, though it is an option. “When we start working with the script and seeing it, we’ll make the decision,” Peele says. “Is Key and Peele a distraction from Police Academy? We’ll figure it out. Either way, we’ll make the best call for the movie.”