Khloe Kardashian Banned From Lamar Odom Hospital


Khloe Kardashan, and Lamar Odom are officially divorced.  A delay in California court filings, is the only reason the divorce decree hasn’t been officiated.  Khloe has clearly moved on, both publicly and privately.  Ask French Montana, and James Harden how Kardashian custard taste.  Why is Khloe Kardashian glued to Lamar’s bedside?  It’s like waking from a nightmare to find the devil posted in your hospital room.

Sources believe Odom’s collapse was initially triggered by comments made during a repeat of the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians which aired on Sunday.

During the episode his wife Khloe told the cameras she was worried Lamar would ‘spiral’ out of control after the drug-related death of his best friend.
The source said: ‘Lamar became pretty agitated after he got a call about the show on Sunday.
‘He kept saying he was better than the Kardashians and “f*** them”, he said all they had ever done was exploit him for their show.
‘He went through every one of them, Kim, Kris, Caitlyn, he said none of them had supported him, all they had done was ruin his life. He felt chewed up and spat out.’

The source added that Odom said he felt used in the same way he believes Kim Kardashian used ex-husband Kris Humphries. Their marriage lasted just 72 days.
‘The only Kardashian he had anything good to say about was Rob who he said had been a good friend,’ said the source.
‘He was really bitter, especially towards Kim and her mom, he thinks they all conspired to break him and Khloe up. Now he feels they’re using him to boost the show’s ratings. He said he asked Khloe not to let the producers film their calls but she refuses.’
The source said that as Odom continued to party his mood became increasingly hateful and he also rambled about his own looks.
He kept asking the prostitutes whether he was better looking than Khloe’s ex-boyfriend, singer French Montana and her current date, NBA star James Harden.
Khloe dated French for eight months after splitting with Odom, their relationship ended in September 2014. They briefly reconciled in November, until things quickly fizzled out again.
The source said: ‘He seemed obsessed by his looks and was jealous about Khloe’s guys. He kept asking for reassurance that he was better looking than them and had a better body and he said his d*** was bigger than theirs.
‘Of course the girls were telling him what he wanted to hear, but he started to ramble that he was going to get back in to shape and would make a return to the NBA. At that point the girls said he started to seem a little out of control.’
The source added that Odom was also becoming increasingly angry and frustrated that he couldn’t get an erection to have sex with the girls. It’s believed he took up to ten herbal viagra pills to combat the problem.
The brothel’s ‘madam’ also told Daily Mail Online that Odom poured his heart out to her about the death of his mom and his broken marriage during his four day binge.

Khloe Kardashian and her fame obsessed family are the reason Lamar Odom committed suicide.  Reports claim she flew home, but will head right back to Lamar’s Vegas bedside as he fights for his life.  Will seeing Khloe remind LO why he wants to be dead?