Khloe Kardashian Booty Leaking Nightmare

Worrying times at Kardashian High Command with Famous magazine reporting Tallest Sister Khloe’s “butt implants are leaking”.

Leaking … government secrets? The 87th Academy Awards winners? High-viscosity engine oil?

Magwatch has never journeyed to a chemist and enquired whether they have any “leaking butt implant pads”, but is pretty sure we would discover they were not invented yet (and that we should have gone to the hospital).

Illustration: Simon Letch
Illustration: Simon Letch
How is Kardashian coping? Particularly, as Famous notes, Old Damp Pants was seen “flirting” with a basketball player called Tyson Chandler at a game in Los Angeles last week.

Did she sit on a towel? On standing and walking over to Chandler did she motion to the small wet patch on her trousers and, laughing charmingly, say: “Oh that? That’s a designer water spot. It’s moisturizer for my jeans.”? Continue at