Khloe Kardashian Going After Casper Smart #KUWTK

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t act like she’s from the block anymore.  Her bitchy reputation has superseded her struggling career.  You can’t speak to her, look her in the eyes, or breathe the same air she does.  Chris Judd told US Weekly of their stressful world wind showmance.

“You know it’s very tough, your privacy is breached. You’re no longer a normal person. [Our wedding] was a circus. I think several people got arrested trying to climb up a mountain… trying to sneak in. We actually rented the airspace.”

Could this be the reason Chris Judd had to abruptly dump Kim Kardashian?  Did you forget Kim sucked Judd’s pole immediately following his J-Lo split?  The tabloid headlines were overwhelming!  A west side waitress, who happens to be Scott Disick’s, homeboy’s, sidepiece – is starting a viscous rumor.  We heard Khloe Kardashian is interested in dating Casper Smart.  French Montana is officially out of the picture.  Casper is super fine, gorgeous, and available.  Certainly, he’ll leap at an opportunity to join next season’s cast of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  Montana’s relationship didn’t work out, but he garnered national fame.  The anorexic check, but gigantic camel-toe, was worth it.

Judd admitted it was “tough to be in that limelight,you kind of sign up for that, you know.  You kind of have to take it and accept it and embrace it. Once you stop fighting it, it smoothes itself over. If you try to keep that privacy, it drives you nuts and that’s why people break.”  Chris went on to dish on why he ditched Hopez, and why she can’t keep a man.  It ain’t none of our business, but you can get the tea HERE!