We Know Who Killed Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy’s 90 year old dad has exhausted the last 8 years hunting for his daughter’s killer. Hollyweird is a dangerous place when so much money is involved. Somebody paid Murphy’s coroner to rule her death ‘complications from pneumonia’. We agree with Brittany’s dad- she was murdered just like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince.

Eyes Wide Shut

Brittany Murphy’s dad, Angelo Bertolotti, may be old, but he’s not stupid. Skeptics spread rumors suggesting Brittany had suspicious levels of heavy metal in her system. Was Murphy poisoned like James Gandolfini from The Sopranos?  Healthy people don’t just drop dead at 32 years young.  Years ago, Angelo threatened to sue.

The National Enquirer
Angelo Bertolotti plans to sue his ex-wife, Brittany’s mother Sharon Murphy, for wrongful death, slander, libel and defamation of character.

This was before his health began to crumble, his money dried up, and his own son discouraged his efforts.  Nobody in Hollywood invested their time or money in helping solve the crime either.  Murphy’s brother, Jeff Bertolotti, is frustrated about it all.  “My father has explored every avenue, but he’s got to move on with his life.  He’s not a well man.”
Angelo Bertolotti’s instincts convinced him Brittany’s own mom, Sharon Murphy, had everything to do with their daughter’s death.   Sharon lived with Brittany, and her husband, Simon Monjack, on and off throughout their marriage.  Sharon continued staying with Simon after Brittany died.  What’s spooky is, Simon fell victim, to an eerily similar death just 6 months after Brittney was killed.  Sharon was the last person to see them both alive.
Sharon Murphy conveniently hasn’t been seen in years.  Her mysterious disappearance has squashed all efforts  to force the exhumation of Brittany’s body.  Sources tell National Enquirer,
“We have attempted to locate Sharon multiple times, and they’ve refused to exhume without the mother agreeing.  They’ve also refused to conduct any tests for toxins or poisons to confirm or challenge our lab reports.”
Did Sharon Murphy get a face lift and flee the country?  Was Monjack killed for asking too many questions?  Would you buy Brittany’s old Hollyweird Hills mansion to live in?