Kim Basinger Secret Romance With Russell Crowe #TheNiceGuys

Kim Basinger almost went gay after her split from Alec.  The custody battle over Ireland Baldwin left her disgruntled and ashamed.  Alec Baldwin has moved on to his Yoga addicted younger wife, Hilaria Baldwin.  Although he’s a senior citizen with death defying arthritis, Carmen is still a toddler.  Kim felt very old, and tired watching her ex renew his love life.  She didn’t even realize her kitten could still get moist.  Then she became re-acquainted with Russell Crowe on The Nice Guys showbiz set.

Russell is still more fine than ever.  Age made him sexier.  Plus, he ditched Danielle Spencer and his super sized ego.  Kim Basinger, and Russell Crowe have known each other over 15 years.  L.A. Confidential bonded the A-Listers, but Basinger was married.  The Nice Guys are smitten with each other, and can’t contain their chemistry in the public.  Weirdos claim they giggle uncontrollably on set, and flirt relentlessly.  Crowe admires Basinger’s sense of privacy.  Kim digs Russell’s confident swagger.

The Water Diviner wants to beat Basinger’s cakes like Chris Brown.  Crowe maintains incredible physical health, biking over 20 miles some days.  Crowe has the stamina to get Kim Basinger pregnant.  She’s busy fighting for animal’s rights, but she needs to fight to find love again.  Crowe has been outwardly affectionate of Basinger.  Hopefully, the ship doesn’t sail on.