Kim Kardashian Bullied – Hair Black Again – Blonde Gone

Let’s face it.  Kim Kartrashian’s makeup is way too harsh for bleach blonde hair.  Hollyweird is having a field day of thirsty alien jokes aimed at the jiggly booty reality queen.  Kim’s video game is popping.  Her sisters are on fleek, but the blonde hair has to go.  The platinum blonde locks may photograph well, but she’ll need a legion of diet pills to compete with Kendall Jenner.  Critics are slamming Kim’s new look.  We know Beyonce personally.  Squad members giggled uncontrollably at Kim Kardashian’s yearn for limelight.  Our weirdo was like,

“Kim needs to sit her ‘tide’ ass down.  Her suitcase doesn’t match her luggage!  The bra doesn’t match the panties!  And what about them coal black eyebrows against all that blonde?  No mam!”