Kim Kardashian Bumps Brittny Gastineau Back To The Z- List

Brittny Gastineau used to smash Michael Phelps.  She even introduced him to her parents.  They had a threesome with Carrie Prejean after an LA house party.  Rich kids of Beverly Hills suggest Brittny was secretly engaged to Phelps, but then he cleaned up his act, and got sober.  She got drunk, and turnt up on Marquis Lewis all the time.  He eventually had to punch the bitch in the eye, and dump her back off on her daddy.  She can’t handle mixing liquor, and cocaine.  Retna was just trying to recover from knee surgery.  She popped up at the hospital off a bender, smelling like a Vegas casino.

Brittny Gastineau

“Look, the guy was down and out—he had just had surgery—he was debilitated, lying in bed,” lawyers told US . Michael  Goldstein admitted Retna depended on the assistance of crutches and a wheelchair to move about on his own.  That didn’t stop Brittny Gastineau’s drunk bullying.  They were fork buddies, nothing more.  She better be glad he didn’t press charges.

“He just wants to respect her privacy and he holds no ill will towards her and he chose not to get the police involved, even though he sustained injuries to his face, hand and ear”.


Gastineau is trying to keep Hollyweird shuffling.  Reports still label her as ‘Kim Kardashian’s Best Friend’ but nah.  Kim did Brittny just like Phelps, and Retna.  Kardashian stopped socializing with Britt around the time she divorced Kris Humphries.  Why?  Mostly because Gastineau is way prettier with an all natural body.  Plus, Brittny used to always pick on Jonathan Cheban.  She hated how Kim wanted him around at all times.  Then Brittny didn’t support her marriage to Kris, and that really pissed Kim Kardashian off!  So Kim planted fake, secret, rumors in her circle.  Brittny sold Kim’s business to tabloids for a Coach purse.  Kim cut her off, just like her name was Blac Chyna.