Kim Kardashian Drops New Sex Tape – Video

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We prayed they would all disappear.  Fans slammed Kim Kardashian for not sharing the limelight with her younger sisters- Kylie and Kendall Jenner.  Every since Kim staged the Paris robbery, the blogs have been boring.  Kim seemingly disappeared from the limelight, but turbo thot didn’t pay to lose all that weight for nothing.  Kylie dropped a few panty selfies to no avail.  Kourtney tried carrying the torch by dropping Scott Disick and wearing sheer whore clothes, but that didn’t work either.  Khloe is forever looking for love, while Rob prepares to be a single parent.  It was the perfect opportunity for Hollyweird’s fellow thots to takeover, but it hasn’t happened.

We miss seeing Kim’s plastic face, and juicy booty.  India Love, Jennifer Hopez, Amber Rose, Candice Swanepoel, and Lea Michele, just won’t do.  Even King Kylie couldn’t walk a mile in Kim Kardashian’s shoes.  Where are all the hoes when you need them?  Everybody claimed to be sick of Kim.  Yet, nobody has even come close to matching her scandalous wardrobes, or her addiction to being naked on social media.  Is Kim really too shaken to post titt and ass shots on Instagram?  Was the insurance company dumb enough to reimburse Kimye  for the stolen diamond wedding ring?  Did Kris Jenner think Kim’s break would shine light on her other kids?

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If you love hating Kim Kardashian as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know, she’ll be back with a vengeance soon.  Insiders claim Kim is resting on her millions as she prepares for a new sex-tape release!  When Kanye West initially heard the idea, he dissed the mother of two.  He bashed her for not wanting to keep anything sacred.  Remember:  Kris Jenner orchestrated the first Ray-J sex tape release.  It is the highest selling sex tape of all time.  Kim eventually persuaded Ye when his clothing line failed.  The Paris robbery is simply setting the stage.  Sources close to the situation tell us the jewelry heist is just smoke and mirrors to make the new sex tape scandal look like a ‘leak’, opposed to a deliberate scam to make money and gain more fame.

Will you be jacking off and beating your meat to the new Kim Kardashian sex-tape?  Vivid Entertainment has already placed their bid starting at $25 million.