Kim Kardashian Hiding Domestic Violence

Joe DiMaggio reminds us of Yeezus.  He, and Marilyn Monroe  stayed married a very short while- which reminds us of Kris Humphries.  You may feel Kim Kardashian isn’t as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe.  Kanye West, and Givenchy’s, Riccardo Tisci, feel otherwise.

“I met her as the girlfriend of a good friend,” Tisci said, referring to Kanye West. “I just wanted a moment with her to understand — and I fell in love. She’s the Monroe of our age. People think she’s like a doll, but actually she’s tough and clever.”

DiMaggio was kitty whipped, just like Kanye.  The sex was viscous, but the beatings grew creepy, and consistent.  Joe DiMaggio’s son, Jr., said the washed up base-baller ‘beat her’ like Chris Brown.  He was a prisoner of Marilyn’s love, but Joe Jr. claims he put them paws on her.  He apparently, “ripped an earring from her ear, and scratched her face.”  Joe & Marilyn: Legends In Love, claims the duo never stopped smashing after their stormy divorce.  Jr says, “Marilyn raced downstairs, and out the front door, and my father running after.  He caught up, and grabbed her by the hair and sort of half dragged her back in the house.”

Joe’s love was actually lust.  He picked Marilyn for his own ego, and self worth.   Joe resented becoming Mr. Monroe, but his baseball career was over.  Years after the breakup, he stalked her, and bugged her hotels.  Nobody likes Yeezus latest music projects.  Kim Kardashian Marilyn, smashed legends like a sport.  She was headed towards super stardom.  Anyone can tell Kim settled for Kanye.

Kim Kardashian made a check fatter than her fake ass for the video game.  West last studio album was a dud.  North West is naked sitting on Yeezuz lap in a private plane.  Joe DiMaggi discouraged Marilyn from being star.  He thought she’d stop being a boss thot, and wear turtle necks, and long dresses.  Kanye has been accused of domestic violence more than once.  You know he’ll pop OFF!  Kim won’t stop getting naked.