Kim Kardashian In The Kitchen With Auntie Fee – Video

Yall remember right before Reggie Bush won the Super Bowl, Kim cooked him a struggle fried chicken meal?  All the cock chasing, and abortions left Kim Kardashian no time to really learn any domestic behavior.  In The Kitchen With Kris was a ghost writer’s dream.  Kris Jenner didn’t have time to raise Robert Jr., Kylie, or Kendall.  You know damn well, Kris Jenner ain’t cooking nothing but headlines.

Kanye West is brutally honest with Kim.  He’s exercised patience, but having to leave home for a deli sandwich, is a bit tedious.  Kim’s bloody fried chicken made him sick as dog on his birthday.  While Kim’s intentions are great, West has been forced to hire a cook to ensure North West’s health.  Truthfully, Kardashian’s cooking skills, are just like her momma’s talk show- DEAD.

Kim has been secretly studying Auntie Fee’s simplistic cooking techniques.  Fee’s viral cooking videos landed her on both Jimmy Kimmel & Steve Harvey’s talk shows.  Kim knows that without absorbing black people’s cooking skills, she could lose Kanye.  Afterall, a man eats, more than he has sex.  Khloe suggested Kim help Auntie Fee, and help herself, by joining Auntie Fee & Tavis in the kitchen.  Auntie Fee is very charismatic, and outlandish, but her cooking skills on fleek.  Should Kim hire Auntie Fee for private cooking lessons in her Hidden Hills estate?  Should they tape it for #KUWTK?  Don’t you miss the fun Kim, who wasn’t so uptight and worried about her persona?  We do…