Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner $20 Million Rivalry

Kendall Jenner has her moma. Caitlyn Jenner’s, winning spirit.  She shut down Paris Fashion Week with her svelte size 00 frame, and gorgeous clothes.  Kendall ripped the runway with frenemy, Gigi Hadid.  All the other models flocked to beg for Jenner’s limelight.  They were Kardashian groupies following Kendall to the fancy after parties, and even tried to coordinate their clothing to match her.

Kim Kardashian is fuming, and insecure.  Hollyweird’s infatuation with Kimye faded.  Kanye West hasn’t dropped any hot music in forever.  We’ve already seen Kim’s entire body naked too many times to count.  Kendall’s competitive, because she doesn’t understand why Kim won’t just be married, and be a mother.  Kenny is determined to become way richer, and more famous.  She refuses to be a slut, and sell a sex tape for it tho…

When Kendall Jenner smashed Kim’s Instagram record, Kim’s followers mysteriously increased by over a million overnight.  She’s suing, baby sister, Kylie Jenner for jocking her style, it’s true!   Remember when Kardashian sued ex Boyfriend, Riggie Bush, bish?  Kris Jenner likes fresh beef, so she insured Kendall Jenner’s body for $10 million.  Kendall is skinnier, prettier, and more likeable- but why is she so angry?  Kim Kardashian’s ass alone is insured for $20 million, just saying.

Nation Enquirer spilled the tea:
“She’s on track to take over from Kim as the superstar of the family and their rivalry has gotten out of control!”

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