Will Kim Kardashian Accept This Indecent Proposal? Knowing Her Ho Tendencies….

Although she’s married, Kim Kardashian is being paid $1 million to spend a night with a member of the Saudi royal family.  They claim she’s just partying, but no fool believes that.  Kanye West is obviously pimping Kim.  Most married guys will not allow their wives to date a another guy.  In traditional marriages, accepting gifts from outsiders in also prohibited.  What makes this outlandish  randevu even more suspicious- Kim actually met the dude on Instagram.  That explains why the married mom continues to share explicit  lingerie photos online.  Is North West momma a whore?  Most of us won’t tolerate a text message to our spouse phone.  More so, would you allow your spouse to go on a million dollar date with ISIS enemies?  Mrs Kardashian-West is leaving Hollyweird for Saudi Arabia in January.  Does Kimye even need the money?