Kim Kardashian Parties With Oprah Diddy And Jimmy Iovine

Kim Kardashian Bans Kourtney and Kendall Jenner From Jimmy Iovine's Liberty Ross Birthday Bash - Fears Sisters Make Her Look Fat (Photos)

Kim Kardashian took a break from booty shots, and ignoring Kanye West’s body order, in order to party with Jimmy Iovine. North West’s blonde mommy famewhores once again, and you know she had to gloat on social media. Kim didn’t mind skipping the Emmy Awards, and dissing the iHeartRadio Music Festival, but showed up with Yeezy to ball with some true Hollywood players. You can see Kim in the pic above looking like a hungry hyena as she decides which superstar to photobomb next.

Jimmy Iovine (the guy responsible for the superstardom of Gwen Stefani, Bruce Springsteen, & Lady Gaga) threw a shindig for his girlfriend, Liberty Ross. Liberty’s marriage to Rupert Sanders was ruined by Trampire, Kristen Stewart’s slutty ways. So anyway… Kim Kardashian, slyly playing by her mom’s rulebook, snagged a picture with Oprah Winfrey, P- Diddy, and Iovine. Oh yes, and Kanye was there too smiling like Quagmire, looking thirsty and out of place.

Okay, so you’ve heard Kimye fired her publicist because she’s so embarrassed by her mom, Kris Jenner’s, cancelled show, and her sister, Khloe Kardashian’s, dope fiend husband. Showbiz insiders say she and West are trying to befriend David andVictoria Beckham, and folks on that level. Kim thinks Kanye can change her image, and they want to be respected like Jay-Z, and Beyonce.  And I want to be J.K Rowling….  CelebDirtyLaundry(Hollyweird Times)