Kim Kardashian Will Never Allow Roxy Sowlaty To Meet North West Or Kanye

If you’ve been tuning in to KUWTKthen you already know they’re shoving Rich Kids of Beverly Hills down our throats.  E executives were hoping to overthrow Kim Kardashian, and her fame obsessed family, but nah.  Roxy Sowlaty is getting outshined by EJ Johnson, Dorothy Wang, and the bitchy blonde.  So what do you do when your co-stars have more followers than you?  Roxy got on her hands, and knees while speaking with WetPaint.  She name dropped more than Katy Perry.

Maxim, Dorothy, Morgan

Wetpaint Entertainment: Back in January when #RichKids of Beverly Hills premiered, you tweeted with Kim Kardashian’s friend, Sheiva. How do you know her?

Roxy Sowlaty: Okay, so I have gone elementary through college with Robert Kardashian. He’s like my brother. He’s one of my closest friends in the world. I managed DASH in New York for them when I first moved to New York, and they are really supportive, amazing people in my life.

Sheiva I met through them, because she’s Kourtney’s assistant, and previously Kim’s. And Roya, everyone. They’re amazing.

And now your show airs right after theirs.

It’s surreal. It’s the most bizarre, bizarre thing.

Head over to WetPaint to get the entire scoop.  Find out about Roxy’s weird obsession with trying to be like Kim, and the snobby reason she’s never met North West!