Kim Porter walks her dog wearing a swimsuit in Hell A

Cassie Ventura is cute, but Kim Porter is goals AF!  We see why Diddy keeps coming back to his OG baby momma!  Kim is gorgeous, classy, and seems to get more fine with time.  Sean Combs has humiliated this woman for years.  Certainly, she’s hoping to earn that ring one day.  Diddy is a rumored closet homosexual.  When Kim Porter grew confident enough to walk away from the music mogul, Diddy threatened to kill her new man.


Diddy FOUND OUT about Jackie and Kim and he THREATENED Jackie. Specifically, Diddy told him that he was going to “erase him” from the earth and that he will have him “killed.”

Jackie, tells our snitch, is considering filing a harassment complaint against Diddy with the LAPD.

And this isn’t the first time that Kim SLIPPED UP and nearly got a dude KILLED. The first time was with deceased record executive Shakir Stewart. A well placed insider explained, “Kim was seeing Shakir and Diddy found out and he went apesh*t. He tracked Shakir down to his hotel. Then Diddy went up there (without security) and beat him to a bloody pulp. Don’t let the shiny suits and curls fool you. Diddy will f*ck a [N WORD] up.”

What REALLY happened to Shakir Stewart?  Porter has everything, but nothing.  Is it fair that Diddy gets to dick around men and women, while Kim Porter remains in lonely-ville?

LA Behavior : when it’s 90 degrees and you walk your dog in a swimsuit 😎😎

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