Rhinestone Cowboy Nursing Home Blues

Travis and Trudy have hired lawyers to help free Glen Campbell from his nursing home hell hole.  Kim Woollen slapped Glen in a convalescent home the minute his limelight expired.  Alzheimer’s  disease has eaten him alive.  Kim, an ex- thot and Glen’s 100th wife, can’t stand to be around him.  Nasty Nashville news claim Kim Woollen grew exhausted from caring for her husband.  Kim never considered using his millions to hire professional help.

 Travis spilled the tea.  He called his dad’s confinement “unbelievably cruel.”  Woolen, a retired stripper, lives in Campbell’s 10, 000 sq foot, hillside mansion.

“I love my dad and I don’t want him disrespected like that,” Travis told The ENQUIRER. “Kim says they put him in there because he became a danger to himself and they’re not getting any rest, but that’s a bunch of crap!

“She just doesn’t want to have to stay at the house and watch him 24/7.

“There’s plenty of money – they could hire home health­care for him.

“We want to bring him to Arkansas, where he can be cared for by his family. He deserves to be at home with his blood relatives who love him.”

Did Glen Campbell create this situation by marrying a seductress 25 years his youth?  Keep in mind: Glen had 4 wives, 6 ‘main’ side hoes, 8 kids, and a slew of groupie accusations.  Now he’s rotting in a nursing home, while his wife…