Kim Woolen Glen Campbell Fight Ends With Black Eye

Kim Woolen was forced to let Glen Campbell move back into his own mega mansion.  Campbell’s kids public out cry embarrassed Kim in front of her country club friends.  Grand Ole Opry hounds sent Kim a scathing court document notarized by a top Hollyweird official.  The document demanded The Rhinestone Cowboy rot away wherever he’d like. Turns out, crazy Kim had no right to force him in a nursing home.

Glen Campbell is relieved and happy to be back home.  Yet, he also resents Kim for the bitter years spent alone, without companionship, in a hospital like prison. Alzheimer’s is eating Glen alive, but he’s no fool.  What was Kim Woolen doing with all that free time, and cold hard cash?

“He can become extremely combative if you try to redirect him to something that he doesn’t want to do,” she explained to the Chattanooga Times Free Press of Chattanooga, Tennessee, . “I have a black eye right now. I know that’s not him, that’s not who he is; it’s just the Alzheimer’s.”

No Kim Woolen.  Glen Campbell’s Alzheimer’s disease is not why he cracked you.  He busted your eye for being disloyal, and ungrateful.  He begged you to come home, over and over, but you ignored his wishes.  You alienated his children, and took his fame and fortune for granted.  If you continue bossing Glen Campbell around, he will give you another black eye on the other side.