Kim Zolciak Teen Affair With Married Cop

Kim Zolciak is the beautiful wigga inducted to Hollyweird after her feature role on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She learned her flirtatious ways in Windsor Locks, a tiny town in Connecticut. In a 2015 episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Kim admitted being a little whore:

“I grew up in Windsor Locks in the 80s and 90s. I just loved boys and hated school. I mean…I had blonde hair and big tits back then, so not much as changed.”

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Although Zolciak was heading home for the first time in over 15 years, she was reluctant to hook up with old friends. “I just wonder what will they think of me.”

They think Kim Zolciak is a hussy according to Star Magazine. Could that be the reason Kim is so determined to put her daughter Brielle Biermann’s baby cock on the block? Brielle is Kim’s mini- me. She already has plastic surgery, weave extensions, and clown’s makeup- but she’s still in high school! While Kim was in high school, she got tangled up in a criminal case against a dude accused of assaulting 2 teenagers.

“A veteran sergeant with the Windsor Locks Police Department was spearheading the case, and Kim was interviewed by the sergeant as a witness.  The charges were eventually dropped against the man in question, but the fireworks were just beginning.  The sergeant himself later became the subject of an internal investigation- and it was determined that he had begun an affair with Kim after they had met.”

Zolciak was just 17 when she started forking a 47 year old MARRIED cop. Let’s not forget, Big Poppa is STILL Kim’s sponsor judging by Kroy’s pockets. Everybody in town knew about Kim’s affair, and how sexual she was.

“In a town that size, everybody knows just about everybody. So you can imagine how much talk there was over the dinner table. It seemed like Kim had some animal magnetism working for her- much like she does now, I guess,” the local snitch told Star.

Will Kroy Biermann’s love out last Tinseltown’s lights and cameras? Is Kim pimping Brielle so that she won’t be stuck with a boring normal life like yours?  Is Kim trying to compete with the Kardashians?

thank u Whoopi Goldberg for inviting us. 💘

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