Kobe Bryant Blames NBA For Fatal Injury #ArmorUp


Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly considered a living legend.  Whispers around the NBA are encouraging the Laker champion to retire.  Bryant has sealed his name in basketball history.  Overcoming power shifts in  the league’s new era hasn’t been easy.   Ignoring his weak Achilles, didn’t break his heart like the death of Dr. Jerry Buss.  Bryant’s passion for basketball still burns like his pipe did after smashing the thot in Colorado.  Even with his fresh knees from Germany, and countless philanthropic efforts- Kobe knows he has to plan his exit from the basketball industry.  The NBA refuses to allow Kobe Bryant play in anymore ALLSTAR celebrations.  Kobe hates to admit, he’s growing old.


Magic Johnson is always bragging how he is the biggest NBA player turned business executive.  Kobe may be a grandfather soon, but his competitive juices are still a force to be reckoned with.  Kobe endorses everything from Turkish Airlines to Nike sneakers.  However, his latest power play is certain to smash Magic’s celebrity.  His new company, Kobe Inc, invested $6 million in Body Armor.  Kobe is using his fame to coerce a slew of professional athletes, and mega stars to join forces with him.  Kobe has everyone from Mike Trout to Skylar Diggins sipping his sports Kool- aid.

The hydration is supposedly so superior, Kobe Bryant is negotiating a proposal to the NBA.  Kobe wants the league to #ArmorUp, and make Body Armor the official drink of the game.  Afterall, Gatorade is so last year.  What do you think?