Kris Jenner Secretly Helps Jessica Simpson New Reality Television Project

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Jessica Simpson has a billion dollars, beautiful kids, and a forkable husband. Her fashion empire employs the entire family, while we wait on our EBT benefits to get re-certified. Kim Kardashian is the biggest thorn in Simpson’s side. She’s envious of the attention Hollyweird beams on the Jenner sisters. We’ve told you of Jessica’s secret consultations with booty surgeons, and her brother-in-law’s struggling music career. Jessica Simpson nearly lost her husband, before she started drinking heavily and partying hard.

“Jess is itching to return to TV and do a sitcom based on her life,” somebody told Star magazine. “She wants to portray herself basically: a working mom married to a stay at home dad.”

Even though reality television and fame destroyed Jessica Simpson’s first marriage to Nick Lachey, she yearns for another crack at limelight. Jessica’s life is empty without an audience to fling her blonde hair, and bounce her big titts for. The problem is- the showbiz industry isn’t interested in Simpson’s dumb idea. Producers suspect fans can’t relate, and most don’t even know who she is.


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“She’s called and met with a bunch of film producers, but nobody has mad her any offers. She won’t stop until she’s landed a TV deal.” She must plan on sucking more cock than Charlie Sheen?
Somebody told us Jessica Simpson put her pride aside, and is reaching out to Kris Jenner for guidance and mentor-ship.