Kristen Stewart Is Hooking Back Up With Rupert Sanders

TwiHards  prayed that Robert Pattinson would forgive Kristen Stewart for ruining their lives.  Although the scruffy couple were spotted together recently, Stewart has decided to reignite fans’ hatred, by reuniting with the guy who burned our fairy tale.   Stewart cheated on Rob at the height of the Twilight saga, with married movie director Rupert Sanders- during the filming of  Snow White and the Huntsman.  

Sources tell OK Magazine that Rupert is begging K-Stew for a round two of that Trampire poochie pop.  “Rupert wants her to star in a crime drama called 90 Church.  It’s a true story about a ruthless FBI agent.   The role was written for a man, but Rupert’s directing, and he wants Kristen.  She loves the script.”  Yep, we bet that’s not all she loves.

K-Stew can’t possibly think she’s going to regain Robert’s trust by working with the douche who started all the mayhem in the first place?  Maybe Robert’s relationship with Dylan Penn isn’t a showmance?