Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Leaving Hollywood Together Forever

Kristen Stewart was born rich, so the glitzy city lights of Hollyweird aren’t a big deal.  The ungrateful trampire has been eyeing the Idaho Mountains to escape fame’s glare.  Stewart can have Idaho, but we’d be damned if we allow her to drag Robert Pattinson along with her.

Hollywood isn’t a place for anti social, sober, weirdos.  Pattinson allegedly snorts more cocaine than a Victoria Secret model, so Kristen is trying her best to convince him to move to Idaho with her.  Not only is Rob refusing to embrace the simple life, he continues to party with more prostitutes than Lamar Odom.

A source tells Enquirer, “Kristen has decided enough is enough, but he’s refusing to commit.”  Back when he loved and trusted her, they dreamed of “escaping the big city, for a quiet mountain estate.  They even said they’d love to buy a couple of horses, and grow their own organic vegetable garden.”

It’s going to take more than Demi Moore (who hides out there on a ranch), and some organic veggies to get Robert Pattinson to move to the island of Idaho.  He has Trader Joes!  Plus, where else would he find an In-N-Out Burger, and some quality blow?  Where else could he grab a stiff cocktail at 4am on a Sunday morning, besides the Chateau Marmont?

Did Kristen Stewart forget she’s the one who forked everything up when she cheated with Rupert Sanders?