Kylie Jenner Joins Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Is Kylie Jenner hopping on the ratchet Love & Hip Hop Hollyweird?

We spoke to one of Kylie’s pals, who dished on her aspiring new music career and why she is considering joining Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Jenner’s friend explained, “Kylie just wants to make a name for herself, she’s tired of being ‘one of theKardashians.’ She and Tyga want to branch off and do their own things, and the Love & Hip Hop producers have been hounding Kylie and her sisters about joining the show for months now. Kylie is a major fashion icon on the West Coast, she’s dating a rapper, and wants to distance herself from her family – so Love & Hip Hop seems to be a perfect fit for her.” – CelebDirtyLaundry