LA Gets Another Face Lift

IMG_20140430_163930Mayor Eric Garcetti has plans to overhaul Los Angeles with a face lift.  In a desperate effort to revitalize the town, we’re paying for “urban acupuncture”.  LA officials are adding bike racks, plazas, crosswalk upgrades, and Kush shops, to cater to local businesses.  The city thrives off unsuspecting tourist, so we figure a few upgrades will disguise the gang infested, tropical paradise.  Operation “Great Streets” has a few haters.  Joel Kotkin feels it’s a great idea.  He was also quick to add, “Designating a nice couple of blocks in the middle of poverty is not a great accomplishment.”  Garcetti reminds us that looks, and physical appearance mean everything in this town,  He picked a power 15 blocks.  Did yours make the cut?