Lamar Odom Arrives At LAX Drunk and High Singing Sade Before Jamie Funeral

lamar has learned that the basketball star pounded vodka and Xanax as he headed to his best friend Jamie Sangouthai’s funeral.

According to an eyewitness on the flight, Khloe Kardashian’s husband was in first class taking advantage of the free alcohol as he flew home following Sangouthai’s death from a reported overdose Sunday.

Lamar Odom had two shots of vodka and he told the flight attendant ‘Vodka and Xanax and I should wake up there,’” an eyewitness told Radar. “And he was talking on the phone and told that person that he took Xanax and took two shots.”

The 6’10” former LA Lakers player was “not relaxed on the plane,” the source said. “He was singing Sade out loud while he was listening to his headphones and he was all over the place.”

Though the flight lasts roughly one hour, “He went to the bathroom three times,” the source said. “He jumped up as soon as the seatbelt light went off and went straight to the bathroom. It was a really bumpy flight and a flight attendant asked if he could make it back to his seat or if he wanted to use their jump seat. He didn’t sit there; he just kept playing with the seat, pushing it up and down and laughing.”

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