Lamar Odom On The DL – Khloe Kardashian Baby Thirst – Rap Video Tell All

With friends like Jamie, who needs enemies?  Adding a loogie to your caramel mocha frappuccino, a recent video of  Lamar Odom rapping like he’s Yeezus has leaked.  This is disgusting…especially considering the preparation it takes for the taping of  season 3  of  Khloe& Lamar , and his supposed NBA comeback.

Watch Khloe keep losing weight,  forking The Game and taking freaking selfies to mask her pain.  She’s embarrassed, but willing to make the sacrifice to maintain her showmance status.  If you listen carefully, Lamar brags about being on the ‘DL’, and slams Khloe for being thirsty for a baby.   Watch the video for yourself.