Lara Spencer Nancy O’Dell Viscous Cat Fight

Leno, and Fallon’s beef ain’t got nothing on the pot roast slow cooking betwixt Lara Spencer, and Nancy O’ Dell.  Being  a blonde size zero is pointless, if you aren’t blowing the right executive cock.  Lara Spencer hasn’t been the same since Nancy stole her thunder.  Everyone knows Spencer earned Mary Hart’s old Entertainment Tonight position.  Mary was pressured to resign when plastic surgery could no longer disguise her age.  Lara was promised the position, and uprooted her family to chase her California dreams…  We don’t know if O’Dell’s poochie pageantry played a part in the Access Hollywood, but she swiped Lara’s gig.

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Lara hasn’t spoken to Nancy since.  The competitive cougars intentionally avoid attending the same Hollyweird social events.  Spencer is more talented, and driven.  Her gorgy is just a perk.  She didn’t beauty queen her way on the showbiz scene.  Raised in New York’s concrete jungles, Lara started from the bottom as a volunteer intern with NBC.  The Insider slobbered her way right into an anchor seat on Good Morning America.

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Nancy O is still flexing her southern charm, and smashing good looks.  She ditched the traditional Christian lifestyle back when she divorced Dr. O’Dell.  Tinseltown gave her a Luminary Award for her fabulousness.  Nancy is addicted to the life.  Her ‘working mom’ facade is just to cement her showbiz image.  She’s simply keeping up with trends to stay relevant.  Nancy is like the Beyonce or Wacko Jacko of entertainment journalist.  She’s 60, with a toddler.  #HitsBlunt

It’s a cougar cat fight brewing behind the scenes.  There is certainly room for only one skinny, blonde. bombshell in THIS town- and Ryan Seacrest ain’t going back to Georgia.