Ohio Girl Killed By Ex Moments After Calling Police

Miami University Murder

An Ohio college student, Rebecca Eldemire, was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend in her own apartment just hours after calling police for protection. The Miami University student called police the night before her murder, asking them to stop her ex-boyfriend, Larry E. Tipton, from entering her home. After police arrived, Eldemire told them they were no longer needed so the officers left. Not even 24 hours later, Eldemire would be killed by the very man she had requested protection from the night before.

According to WCPO, Rebecca was a junior at Miami University. Police note that Eldemire had called police at 9:56 pm on Saturday to request that police prevent her ex-boyfriend from entering her home. The ex-boyfriend, Tipton, reportedly drove from the Columbus area uninvited to speak with Eldemire. When police arrived, Eldemire asked police to escort Tipton to her apartment. Once in the apartment, Eldemire and Tipton had a conversation in front of police officers. Following that conversation, Eldemire told police that they were no longer needed.

“At the request of Miss Eldemire, Mr. Tipton was escorted up to her apartment where they had a conversation with officers present. After a brief conversation, Miss Eldemire told officers they could leave as they were no longer needed.”

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