Larry Wilkins Wants To Adopt Plane Crash Survivor – 7 Year Old Sailor Gutzler

Larry Wilkins life was changed forever the night Sailor Gutzler arrived on his door step.  The 7-year-old girl wore shorts, and a T-shirt in southwestern Kentucky’s icy weather.  Through her haunting cries, and frost-bitten jitters, she told Wilkins the freakiest story of all time.  Sailor’s family was flying from Key West Florida to Mount Vernon, Illinois.  Their small private plane crashed, and burned, killing everyone except Gutzler.

Larry was stunned.  His dachshunds, Pete and Bonnie, comforted the baby while authorities arrived.  Sailor survived the crash, but watched her mom, dad, sister, and cousin be cremated  and disintegrated by the plane’s blow torch impact.  Marty Gutzler, Kim Gutzsler, and 9-year-old Piper, are in heaven along with cousin, Sierra Wilder.

Larry Wilkins doesn’t sleep at night.  He’s haunted by thoughts of the little girl who braved a mile walk through thick forest debris after surviving a plane crash.  He can’t forget about  images of her little broken wrist, scratched legs and arms shivering in her Florida short set.

Where is Sailor Gutzler?  Larry thinks of her daily, and prays she’s receiving the proper counseling.  Larry Wilkins is currently seeking therapy to help erase the pain of yearning to adopt Sailor Gutzler.