Poor Record Sales and Empty Concert Seats #BitchImMadonna

Madonna has been on a rampage promoting her latest music endeavor, Rebel Heart.  We are sad to report, but this is Madonna’s worst selling album of her entire career.  Stadium seats are empty, and her old plastic surgeon died.  Madonna ditched hard core fans attempting to attract the younger crowd.  While Madonna’s fans have matured, she has not.  Ariana Grande’s clique includes Bieber, and Bryshere Gray.  They don’t want someone their grandma’s age killing the vibe.  Madonna will forever reign queen, but Drake nearly puked when she kissed him off guard.  Madonna’s ex, Brahim Zaibat, grew nauseated by the incestuous sex.  Madonna desperately wants to attract new, younger, fans, but the kids have no respect.  Will Smith Independence Day role now stars Liam Hemsworth.  Madonna has also been replaced by the much younger, less talented.  You already know what happens when an artist tour ticket sales are dryer than Detroit?  Ask Mariah Carey, or Britney Spears.  Don’t be surprised when you see Madonna announce her Las Vegas residency.