Laurel Michelle Schlemmer Escapes With Murdering Her Kids



Dr, Christine Martone must have gotten her degree from ITT Tech, because she’s letting Laurel Michelle Schlemmer get away with drowning her children.  They say she’s ‘too incompetent’ to stand trial.  Was she competent when she was getting forked from the back?  Daniel, and Luke Schlemmer are in heaven.  Their devious mother is somewhere free from the nation’s economy, living a care free life, in some Giuseppe hospital.  She blamed “crazy voices”, but sat on them in a bathtub of boiling water. Is the world coming to an end?  CBS even felt some kind of way.  “Judge Jeffrey Manning also issued a gag order in the case Monday at the request of Schlemmer’s attorney. That means no one involved may comment on the competency finding.”