#LHHATL Sex Money Lies – Did Stevie J Joseline Hernandez Mastermind Mimi Faust Sex Tape?

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J finally landed the Hollywood spin-off fans expected.  Stevie J is desperately trying to reclaim is reputation in the music industry. Mimi’s sex tape killed her dad, and made her a target for broke, fame seekers.  Mimi Faust sold her soul, so she’s suddenly glamorous and rich.  Now all of a sudden, Stevie LOVES Mimi.  He ousted Nikko for being a faggot, and leeched onto Faust newfound money.  You ain’t about this life!  Suspiciously, the Puerto Rican Princess wants to squash the past beef too.  Rumors claim all this infidelity is a ruse, and Jedi Mind Trick.  Did Stevie J pimp Mimi into hooking up with freak-O Nikko in exchange for a shot at the big leagues?  Is Joseline Hernandez a hidden talent, or  tranneyLiscious weirdo?  Is ‘Molly the Maid’ so desperate for love, she’s willing to buy it?  We wonder is Stevie J’s pipe is as big as they say it is?  Must be… Joseline jumped on social media, and posted this photo captioned:

Destroy & Rebuild!! #WeAreFamily  Los Angeles, California.

Cuz afterall, Mimi used to be a thot too.  How else to you end up entangled in such ratched-ness?