Did Miley Cyrus Ask A Fan To Commit Suicide?

Now that Kris and Bruce Jenner have officially announced their separation, and Kim Kardashian got fresh booty injections in Paris- Miley Cyrus has officially twerked her #Bangerz album to the top slot.  Everyone pretends to be disgusted by the Hannah Montana star, but we all secretly want to dance naked, and pop molly our damn selves.

Miley Cyrus blitzed the media world with her pasty thin body, rapper entourage, and fascination with twerking, at the 2013 Video Music Awards.  She’s owned EVERY entertainment headline since.  The twerk queen left Lady Gaga speechless, Robin Thicke in a rumored menage trios, and stunned fans worldwide.


Liam Hemsworth lost a winner.  Elsa Pataky, Liam’s witchy sister in law, supposedly had a lot to do with the couple’s demise.  “She spent the last year freezing Miley out in some kind of passive-aggressive move,” according to Radar Online.  “Miley desperately wants to get back with Liam and believes she can because she’s done it before, the source said. “But to do that, she’s going to have to win over Elsa!”


They all have Miley Cyrus and her “Smilers” forked up.  Miley is literally smashing the whole industry, even sexting Theo Wenner, the son of Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner.

Sinead O’ Conner got dissed by the #twerkTeam for publicaly roasting Miley.  She backed down quick, “No person, myself included, should wake to the types of e mails and communications I have had for the last few days urging that I should kill myself, nor to the type of ‘net abuse’ I have had to endure as a result of what you did.”