Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus Engagement Back On!

Who can bounce that monkey better than Blac Chyna?  Miley Cyrus demolished racial barriers with her twerking, but ruined her romance with Liam Hemsworth in the process.  Liam was overwhelmed by Miley’s superstardom, forked Eiza Gonzalez, then called off the engagement.

Liam has decided to ignore his jealous sister-n-law, and Hollyweirdos who slammed Miley for being too  racy for her Hannah Montana fan base.  All of us were jealous of her #1 slot, and perfect body- even Lady Gaga, and Beyonce.

Anyway, sources say Liam Hemsworth misses that kitten singing in his bedroom.  Hemsworth is desperate to get Miley Cyrus back! #NoTomCruise.

According to  UsWeekly, the Hunger Games star is missing his twerking ex.  He still loves her.

After secretly meeting for the holidays, sources claim they’re  ‘talking like they did when they were together’.

‘He pushed to get back in touch,’ according to the snitch.

‘He still has feelings, ‘the attraction hasn’t gone away.’

They are exchanging ‘flirty texts.’

If Miley Cyrus ‘ turns down’ , will her and Liam eventually make it down the aisle?  More so, will Liam still ‘chase the cat’ if she settles into boring married life?  Is this real love, or a showmance?