Liam Neeson Hollyweird Most Eligible Bachelor #AWalkAmongTheTombstones

Liam Neeson is one of Hollyweird’s most eligible bachelors.  He hasn’t smashed anyone since Natasha Richardson died in that tragic ski accident.  Freya St. Johnston begged him for sex, but Liam is still too fragile and heart broken.  She grew so desperate, she threatened to fork his son, Micheal.  He dropped that irrelevant thot quicker than a lunch break,meat beating, selfie.  We will definitely support Liam.  He has Tinseltown’s cash, and he’s desperate for a love affair.  He’s handsome, and the star of A Walk Among The Tombstones. character Neeson plays in Tombstones, Matt Scudder, has been the subject of 18 books by Block. An alcoholic ex-cop who now makes a living doing “favours”, his world is a lot darker than Bryan Mills’. In this particular story, Scudder is asked by a drug boss to find the men who kidnapped his wife, then learns her death is one in a string of gruesome killings.

Neeson explains he went to that dark place by getting access to “police reports on infamous serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer”.

That must have made for interesting dinner party conversations, we suggest.

“Yes, a couple said, ‘Liam, could you just drop it now? Thanks’.”

Neeson sees Scudder as fitting into a lineage of classic movie loners, and the actor certainly cuts a classic figure in a cool, retro opening sequence that depicts how he parted ways with the force.

“He’s in that camp with characters like Philip Marlowe (a private eye most famously played by Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep),” Neeson says. “Or Robert Mitchum in the ’40s, then Steve McQueen in the ’60s. Certainly Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry would spring to mind — that cinematic loner who’s certainly not relationship material, but does have a moral compass.”

As for putting himself in that company?

“I do like it, I must admit,” Neeson grins. “I feel very comfortable playing these sorts of guys.”

Here’s the movie’s trailer to remind you how young hoes like Lea Michele, Draya Michele, and Nina Dobrev– are not ‘focused’ man.