Like Bieber Instagram – I Am Cait Canceled

We here @HollyweirdTimes ain’t got nothing against Caitlyn Jenner. We think she’s beautiful. Her glow- up makes her look exactly like his model daughter, Kendall Jenner. We are, however, relieved his show is cancelled. I Am Cait spearheaded the gay agenda to America’s youth. Just as deliberate as Flint’s water crisis, and Indiana’s AIDS epidemic – Caitlyn Jenner was used to destroy our innocent kids. Barack Obama defended the transgender bathroom policy, just as he danced at Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out party. Charlize Theron’s adopted black son has been labeled a ‘trans-kid’, just like Shiloh Pitt.

What do you think? Will Caitlyn and Kris Jenner hook back up, now that the show has ended? Will Kylie Jenner stop getting plastic surgery? Do the grand-kids call Bruce Jenner, grandMA or grandPA?