Lindsay Lohan Is Still Addicted

Lindsay Lohan is rejecting all claims that she’s back on that snow, but it’s impossible to avoid partying in Hollywood.  Sources claim she encouraged her friend to beat Paris Hilton’s brother like Rodney King.  You aren’t surprised she’s partying with the wrong crowd, despite her tears on Oprah’s couch.  Her mother, Dina Lohan, doesn’t encourage Lindsay to get high-  she just doesn’t encourage her to get sober.

Lohan has seemingly replaced one addiction with another.  Weirdos say she’s a shopaholic.  Everyone in the industry is required to look good, but they claim Lindsay is really sick with it.  When she was being treated at Betty Ford for cocaine addiction, sources claim she dropped $20,000 on clothes!  Now of course it’s nothing to most Hollywood stars, but Lindsay had to borrow cash from Charlie Sheen to avoid tax troubles.  Remember when she was caught on tape stealing the necklace in Venice Beach?  She was also accused of stealing clothes from a movie set, and a model’s mink coat.

$400,000 worth of Dior jewelry went missing after an ELLE Magazine photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan.

Why doesn’t Lindsay take advantage of her talents, instead of staying lit, and stealing people’s stuff?  Why is she never arrested for any crimes?  Are designer clothes really that important?  Is she as poor as the video below claims she is?