Lindsey Vonn Pregnant – Tiger Woods Baby – Breakup Details

Lindsey Vonn can kiss her Olympic Championship dreams goodbye.  Tiger Woods is slipping through her fingers too.  Lindsey doesn’t have much going on since breaking her her leg, and tearing her ligaments.  She couldn’t compete at the Sochi Winter Games, so she’s supposedly pressuring Tiger for a baby.


Tiger is a playboy, and not really hearing Lindsey’s subliminal messages.  He doesn’t want to get involved with her ratchet family.  Tiger really wants his life with Elin Nordegren back.  He bought Lindsay a dog with a matching cripple leg, not a ring like she’d hoped for.

Court records indicate Lindsey’s mom, Linda Kildrow, has suffered from depression.  In 2002 she accused her husband Alan, of kidnapping their kids.  Tiger is not trying to deal with any of this if Lindsey Vonn is no longer the world’s best female skier.  Plus, there are plenty of fish in the sea.