Liza Minnelli Refuses To Go Outside

You’d rather be a handicapped black man on  skid row, than an aging Hollywood star.  Liza Minnelli is afraid to come outside, or even look out the window, according to published reports.  Liza is still gorgeous, but is apparently suffering from social anxiety.  She was offered a million dollar check to do a 1 minute commercial, but ruined the deal.

Hard times: Liza Minnelli, who has endured two hip replacements and one knee replacement in recent years, was carted to her plane at LAX in a wheelchair on Tuesday

The Oscar winning Broadway star is a victim of success.  She’s cutting herself off from the world.  Pine Brothers Softish Cough Drops rented a beautiful hotel suite at Waldorf  Towers to film the commercial.  Liza Minnelli had a total meltdown and panic attack.  Nobody could convince her to complete the assignment, so they called Martha Stewart (who happily pocketed the $1 million check, and did the commercial with a breeze).

Still standing: The legendary singer-actress walked the red carpet at Sunday's SAG Awards while holding onto a couple of supporting escorts

Insiders claim Liza is really freaking out because she’s old.  What do you think?  Ageism is no secret in this town.