Loretta Lynn Granddaughter Jr. – Sick Disabled Broke


Coal Miner’s Daughter, Loretta Lynn is colder than a prostitute’s titts, heavy winter, in Oymyakon, Russia.  Her granddaughter is suffering from epileptic seizures, multiple scierosis, and dementia.  Loretta doesn’t give a damn!  As if her ailing grand daughter doesn’t share her EXACT name, Loretta Lynn cut off all financial support.  Loretta Lynn Jr. is dyeing.  Jr.’s son Zach Massey, doesn’t have the money to fund his mother’s medical, and nursing home expenses.

Despite Loretta’s wealth, she ignores Jr.’s calls, and cries for help.  She probably smashed everyone in the Grand Ol Opry for her 52 Top 10 Hits and 16 #1 Songs.  While Jr. waits in Obama Care lines at horrendous ghetto clinics in the urban community- her grand mother Loretta Lynn is worth over $60 million.  Jr.’s son, Zach, claims Loretta Lynn bought fake breast, and Caitlyn Jenner trans surgery for other family members.

Should Loretta be obligated to pay all Loretta Lynn Jr.’s medical cost?  Why does she hate Jr. so much?  Click HERE for more country tea.