Love & Hip Hop Drama – Joseline K. Michelle – Fight And Spinoff

We’re unsure if Joseline Hernandez is Rihanna’s auntie, but her and ratchet ass K. Michelle are definitely keeping everyone hooked on Love & Hip Hop.   We pretend we hate all the fighting, pimping, and ugly clothes, but it’s a guilty pleasure.

Hollywood executives are deciding who to bless with their own spinoff.  Although all the chicks display a fair share of drama, K. Michelle brings the pain the network insist on  portraying.  Did you see the scandalous bodysuit she donned for a performance?  Not to mention her big fake booty, and questionable claims of spousal abuse.  Needless to say, rumors claim she’s hitting that casting couch for her very own show.  K. Michelle, unlike most of the others, does have a real talent.  Not calling her Draya Michele, but did  know she had a son?

Photo: My wcm my girl

Joseline is a firecracker.  You love to hate her.  Can you believe she picked an online fight with Soulja Boy?  She’s just mad because he’s richer than Stevie J, and young enough to be her son.  She called him a homosexual (and not in those words) and suggested he needed to get forked in the butt.

Mona Scott continues to exploit her own race with the hit reality series Love & Hip Hop., and we can’t stop watching.