Luducris Wife Eudoxie Explains Why Her Family Lives In A Poor African Village While She Balls In The Lap Of Luxury

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We haven’t looked at Ludacris the same since he snatched his daughter, Cai Bella, from her birth mom. Cai’s mom was his side-piece while he was dating Eudoxie Mbouguiengue. He begged her to get an abortion, but she refused. Instead of breaking her off that child support money, Luda cruelly used his money and clout to steal Cai away from her mom, on some Dwyane Wade ish… It’s hurtful because Eudoxie makes an obvious difference in the way she treats her baby Cadence, and how she treats Cai. It’s impossible to love Cai with the same passion she loves Cadence, although she’s the only mother Cai knows. While Cai is a ‘trick baby’, Ludacris can’t trick his mother-n-law to move to America. Meanwhile, Eudoxie’s little sister lives with the Bridges. She’s also treated better than baby Cai.

#WCW ma maman ❤ Many of you will be quick to judge and think everyone wants to live in this country. My husband and I fought hard for my mom to get a green card. She and I had some of the most hurtful arguments a mother and child could have. After one year of verbal abuse from her, she received her green card and refused to stay. Here she was fighting me for something that many would die to have. She looked at it like it meant nothing at all. I’ve tried to get my family out of the village but honestly they don’t want to. This is all they have known their entire lives and they don’t want to change that. Just as many of you who live in this country with far more opportunities refuse to travel outside of your State and haven’t visited the rest of America. Well it’s the same for them. They are content and happy where they are with no interest in the civilized world. Not everyone wants to live in America and especially not right now. I encourage you all to visit a country in Africa of your choice. Do some research of course before traveling. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! #loveandpeace ❤ I felt like sharing this with you today. It’s not an explanation but to get you to understand that America is not the only life that people want!!

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