Lupita Nyong’o Causing All This Drama Over A Dress With Fake Ass Pearls

Lupita Nyong’o so black when she eats chocolate cake she has to put white gloves on. She’s raging around Hollyweird crying about her Oscar’s dress being stolen from her hotel room- as if she doesn’t have a billion more free dresses donated by her snobby, fake, friends.  We heard Lupita’s ass is on her shoulders, since snagging her Oscar award. Does casting couch luck make Miss Nyong’o better than us?  All the hype had us believing the dress was valuable.  Turns out, it was made with materials from Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  GTFOH!

The guy who stole the dress — who called TMZ Friday with a road map to recovery in The London West Hollywood bathroom — told us he knew where the cameras were placed in the hallway so he was never seen. As for the dress … he said he threw it over the balcony and someone on the ground picked it up.
As we reported … the thief says he took 2 of the pearls off of the dress and down to the Garment District for appraisal, but found they were worthless fakes. That’s when the thief took the dress back to the hotel.