Lyndsay Harding Dreamworks Hook Up

Being blonde, and blue eyed works wonders in Hollyweird.  Especially when you pair it with an ivy league education, and Wall street background.  Lyndsay Harding shook Evergreen Films, like Kim did Kris Humphries.  She is now the new CFO at DreamWorks.  Larry Wasserman is riding a million dollar payroll at Skydance Productions these days.  Lyndsay is the top bitch in charge now, and her older, less attractive co-workers are furious!

“Lyndsay brings invaluable experience and key skills that will help drive the planning and execution of DreamWorks’ immediate and long-term financial strategies,” DreamWorks president and COO Jeff Small tried explaining. “She joins us at a pivotal time in our evolution and her experience will prove invaluable as DreamWorks looks to the future.”

Seasoned vets know about her experience, and so on.  Insiders still can’t help but wonder.  Did she have to formally interview for the position?  Did she sleep with somebody important?  Wasn’t such N such more qualified?  Who made this decision?  What about all the staff that have been around longer?  How will Lyndsay’s much older, more experienced, colleagues react to her new position? How will the pressures of Dreamworks’ dream job affect her home life?  Harding is ecstatic… for now.

“DreamWorks is one of the sterling brands of the film industry. I couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity to join their exceptional team during this exciting time at the company.”