Madonna and Sean Penn Wed Again

Sean Penn cheated on Charlize Theron with an extra on set of The Last Face. Theron was way too uptight, and barely smiled anyway. Theron dropped him, but we all know she was his Scarlett Johansson rebound anywho. We hoped they’d eventually marry, but Sean spent zero time alone since the infamous breakup. Sean Penn has been twerking like a groupie, front row, at all Madonna’s recent concerts.

Don’t Forget: Madonna, and Sean Penn were married from 1985 to 1989. Penn is still madly in love with the Like A Virgin icon. He’s been seen all over Hollyweird working his old jelly on the Rebel Heart. While he enjoyed burying his pistol in Johansson’s pussy bush, insiders claim Sean Penn has a new motive for romance. After all, show business and politicians, go hand and hand.

Remember when Sean Penn helped raise all that money for Haiti’s Relief Fund? Rumors claim Sean Penn has a political agenda. It’s the same reason George Clooney married Amal. Romance in Hollyweird is most always overshadowed by showmance. Who is better for show? Who can I team with to be considered a power couple like Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt?

Charlize is a global peace ambassador, and even adopted a little Louisiana evacuee from Hurricane Katrina. Sean Penn ruined all that when he got drunk and smashed Theron’s body double. Nobody is genuinely interested in Penn, if they can’t Amber Heard him. Following the careful advice of his Hollywood agent, Penn is going after his ex-wife- Madonna.

Will Sean Penn and Madonna renew their old flame? They’ve been seen getting kissy faced in public. Madonna prefers young hard meat, but she’s always loved Sean. Rumors claim he’s proposed again, and they’re getting married next year. The first marriage dissolved in heated passion and domestic abuse. Will they retie the knot, and become one of the entertainment industry’s biggest couples? Judging by their recent hookup at Shutters On The Beach Hotel in Santa Monica…