#MajorKeyAlert Why Did Melissa McCarthy Refuse Gilmore Girls Reboot?

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Sookie St. James is Hollyweird’s biggest under-dog.  She’s the fattest star on the A-list, and she even has her own clothing line!  With brains, booty, and beauty- Melissa got the last laugh. Rumors claim Lauren Graham demoted her celebrity with desperate phone calls urging Melissa McCarthy to ‘reboot’ Gilmore Girls. McCarthy was a no show, and the ‘revival’ didn’t cause a single wave on Venice Beach.

“I didn’t actually get asked to do it. But I think they thought I was busy, and then by the time it did come up, then I actually was,” Melissa McCarthy lied. “That was seven years of my life and it was really great. I was proud of that show.”

We’ve uncovered the scandal brewing behind McCarthy’s inflated ego, and blatant disrespect towards Tinseltown’s big-wig directors.

“There were times when Lauren was condescending, and if she was having a bad day, she would bark at Melissa when she’d flub a line during shooting,”  Melissa’s high school friend told  The National ENQUIRER.

“Most of the cast remembers ‘Gilmore Girls’ as the best time of their lives, but to Melissa, she remembers pettiness and being treated like a second-class citizen sometimes,” said another source.

Lauren Graham is aging aggressively.  The entire Gilmore Girls’ careers are on life support, but not McCarthy.  Mike & Molly put an Emmy Award in McCarthy’s storage.  The Oscar Academy recognized Melissa for her comedic genius in Bridesmaids with an official nomination.

“Melissa prefers to look forward, not back at something she did 10 years ago.”