Mama June Wedding Secrets

Anna Shannon slammed haters who assumed she was just a ratchet baby moma.  Who else would tolerate Kaitlyn, and Chickadee, but Michael Cardwell?  The wedding was classy, and pork kabobs were served as appetizers.  Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was the cutest flower girl.  Fans are stoked for Anna, but we want to know what took Sugar Bear so long to marry Mama June?  Did money, and fame convince Mike Thompson to put an elephantine ring on it?  June Shannon endured Sugar Bear for over a decade, before the show, and wedding.  She gives fat, red-neck, fiances HOPE.  So how’d June finally get her proposal?

Mama June Shannon lost 120lbs, and 6 dress sizes.  Sugar Bear may be a chubby chaser, but he’s fallen hard for her slimmer figure.  She told InTouch all about how she exchanged sodas for water, and feast on all baked foods.  She now snacks on grapes, and cheese cubes, instead of hot dogs and chips.  June is Hollywood now.  She’s always busy flying coast to coast for show taping, and interviews.

They asked if television, and fame pressured her to lose weight.  “No! People were actually saying that I was gaining weight, and making Alana gain weight, to stay on TV, which is a bold face lie.  We’ve all lost weight.”  Now yall know they have to keep the checks coming in?  Plus, Sugar Bear has fame obsessed thots clocking him.  Should we expect Mama June to get to a Nicole Richie size 0? “No, I’m happy with the way I am now.  But I was also happy with myself when I was 400 lbs.  I taught myself, and my kids that you’ve got to be confident no matter what your size.”