Man caught deliberately drowning 3-year-old step-daughter – Graphic Video

Step-father drowns child in swimming pool

In shocking surveillance footage, Jose David N. is seen on several occasions throwing the child who was unable to swim, into the water, leaving her scared and frantic.

On another occasion he throws her into the water fully clothed and walks away, only returning to throw her in the water again. At one point in the video he is seen in the pool, appearing to hold her head down under the water for several seconds.

A third time, after he throws her into the middle of the pool, the child struggles to stay afloat. With her arms flailing she pleads for help, but he stands motionless watching her. He eventually throws out a lifebuoy but deliberately throws it too far for her to reach it.

The child was helplessly struggling for her life, but neither her step-father nor the other bathers did anything to try and save her. – IBTImes